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Intimacy in Marriage

I’ve lost count of how many emails I’ve received from women telling me this conversation blessed them. Elisa (a very good friend of mine!) and I drink wine, eat chocolate talk about marriage, sex, and intimacy.

3 comments on “Intimacy in Marriage

  1. Cameron and Elisa, I’ll be another one to say how much listening to this conversation has blessed me. I’m getting married in May so this topic doesn’t completely apply to me YET, but it will. I connected to so many things both of you said and found that many of my struggles are similar to those mentioned by Elisa. I’ve been inspired to do something I should have thought of much sooner – take these struggles into honest prayer. Thank you for this very REAL conversation and for your vulnerability.

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  2. Praise God!! Good luck Vicki and God bless you as you prepare for Marriage, it’s an amazingly beautiful and hard vocation. Wouldn’t trade it for the world, but wish i took advantage of where you are to grow more in holiness!


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