Living off the Grid

In today’s episode I interview my wonderful friend Rachel Daniels. We chat about living in a different world, so not your average family. Like not off the grid, but pretty close to it. Having land, animals, digging your own sewer & all the crap that comes w/ it & the beauty of what God can do w/ all that manure if you just let him. She shares her crazy adventures and how the Lord has provided.

3 comments on “Living off the Grid

  1. Jackie Pavlak

    This Is my niece but I can’t get it to run!! Can you please fix it!!! Thanks for sharing my awesome niece and her fantastic family!!!


  2. sorry your having a problem listening… looks good on this end… perhaps try on itunes…… https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/20-living-off-grid-rachel/id1149976656?i=1000380149828&mt=2


  3. Anna Hardy

    I loved this podcast! It was so beautiful and inspiring to hear how Rachel and her family suffered through innumerable hardships to achieve an incredible dream. In living through all the crap, they were able to produce such a wonderful life of connection for their family. I also really enjoyed hearing about the beauty of the friendships you each have developed. It gives me hope that one day I might also be able to find beautiful friendships. Keep up the amazing work!


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