Birthing 101: What You Won’t Read in That Pregnancy Book of Yours

Today I chat with Beth Sri about the trials and blessings of giving birth.

If you’ve ever been pregnant, ever plan on being pregnant or ever plan on impregnating anyone … or if you are a human being reading this … this is the podcast for you.

3 comments on “Birthing 101: What You Won’t Read in That Pregnancy Book of Yours

  1. I SO needed this episode! Thank you for talking honestly about birth and the experience that it can be. I’m due with my first early April and we are having a homebirth. I’ve been taking all the classes which have been great from the crunchy point of view, but I loved taking a faith perspective on it in your conversation. Thank you!!

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  2. Hi Cameron– I was looking for Catholic podcasts for women and I’m so glad I found yours. THANK YOU so much for this episode!! I am a birth & postpartum doula and it has been amazing for me to get called into this work, especially when I get to work with my fellow Catholic women. I am a big proponent of the idea that the birth and the postpartum experience does not have to be miserable; it can actually be beautiful and transformative. So thank you so much for spreading the word!


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