Are You More Catholic than the Pope?

Today I chat with my BEAUTIFUL AND BRILLIANT friend, Charity Hill about all of the petty little litmus tests we set up to determine who’s a good Catholic and who isn’t.

The Church is BIG sisters. There’s room for all of us.

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3 comments on “Are You More Catholic than the Pope?

  1. stevenanthony22yahoocom

    I am being shamed online for my part in the killing of an unborn fetus mostly due to my own ego also rude tweets to celebs and Christian Conservatives during election season on an old Twitter acct that purposely did not include my name. I pray for forgiveness. My shaming should serve as an example


    • Oh steven i’m so sorry…. no you should NOT be shamed!! We all make mistakes, i’m so sorry that you were involved in the abortion…. was it your baby? I’m sorry for your loss…. God is bigger!!! There are healing retreats you can go on and often helpful to name baby and morn….


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