After Three Weeks in the Hospital I’m finally Out!

In today’s episode I chat with my husband Matt Fradd about the craziness of this past month. I spent almost a month in the hospital after a miscarriage and a D&C.

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4 comments on “After Three Weeks in the Hospital I’m finally Out!

  1. Fille du Fleuve

    Dilation and curettage — which means dilating the cervix to flush out the uterus (curettage)

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  2. Monique Ruberu

    Thanks so much for the awesome podcast. So so sorry for the loss of your little one. I’m an obgyn, and I often tell my patients that as a mom of 4 kids with you day to daythat you are trying to get to heaven and the Little one, you are blessed to know that the one little one is already there rooting for all of you to make it there too. I know you’ve been through a lot with the post surgical complications on top of the loss of your child… praying for a swift and complete recovery for you and your family!
    May God hold you all in the palm of His hand!

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  3. Little Lily

    Cameron I have a question if you are ok with answering

    So when you are in love is it normal to experience an actual, physical pain in your heart, enough to make you cringe or say “owww” out loud, or do I need to see a doctor?
    I have been experiencing this for a while, especially as I’ve been apart from this person that I care about deeply, and I want to know if this is totally unrelated and really unhealthy or something


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